Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bali Aqua Scuba Dive

First of all, I would like to welcome you to Bali Aqua Scuba Dive. My name is Murfi Chan. Before I begin, allow me to share with you about one of my favorite quotes “perfection is not the ultimate point, it is a balance point”

Balance? Does it have something to do with diving? The answer is yes. Keep reading, you will find the answer.

More than 10 years ago, my father, Mr. Tjang Kong Hin started a company, Sea Wind. Our main services are diving tanks filling, diving equipments rental and maintenance. Years of experience gave us knowledge how to maintain and prepare all diving equipments and keep them always in ‘ready mode’. For us, safety is number one.

Now the company has grown to be ‘all in one’ scuba diving operator called Bali Aqua Scuba Diving. We are ready to serve you from A to Z.

Guided by experienced local PADI dive masters, you will feel diving is very fascinating activity even for beginner level. They will assist you step by step in clear and easy instruction in your language: English, Japanese, Spain, German.

If you are interested to become professional diver, you are welcome to join our scuba diving course program, our PADI instructors will gladly to assist you.

Clean and comfortable transportation and well trained driver will take you to all the dive sites.

We understand your passion to witness and touch the beauty as we have the same passion as well. We are not 100 % perfect, but I can guarantee that you will get ‘balance point’ of several aspects with us:

astonishing experience, your safety, your well trained and experienced PADI instructors and dive masters, your supporting staffs and management, to assist you in this unforgettable journey. So, prepare yourself, let us take care of the rest.